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Quanzhou Yang-Qu Teochew Yang-Shang 泉州陽去,潮州陽上

There seem to be a few characters that are Yang-Qu in Quanzhou and Yang-Shang in Teochew.

奈,耐 = QZ /lair/, TC /nairl/
會 = QZ /huer/, /her/, TC /huerl/

This discrepancy is a problem of Teochew, not a problem of Quanzhou. See:

刘镇发: 「汉语方言的分类标准与“客家话”在汉语方言分类上的问题」
「…4) 闽南方言如潮州话不只全浊上声全数念阳上而且有部份(约三分之一)全浊去声字反而念为阳上。」

Therefore, we need a special treatment of Teochew cases. We should probably not use the [-rl-] digraph as the tone letters. Perhaps [-rh-]? Anyway, we can think about it a bit later.