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Mainstream /e/ Teochew /o/ 果摄、蟹摄

(This section is still under work)

Some Mainstream Hoklo /e/ or /ai/ cases are mapped to Teochew /o/

袋 = MH: /der/, TC: /dor/
代 = MH: /dair/, QZ: /dair/, /der/, TC: /dor/
短 = MH: /del/, TC: /dol/
胎 = MH: /tai/, TC: /to/
退 = MH: /tuec/, /tec/, QZ: /tuec/, /tec/, TC: /toc/
螺脶 = MH: /lee/, TC: /loo/
坐 = MH: /zer/, QZ: /zerl/, TC: /zorl/

The cases of /e/ to /o/ mapping seem to occur often enough to warrant an interdialectal solution. For instance

坐 = zeorl
短 = deol