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 TadpoleneseCharacter    Taiwanese  Quanzhou    Teochew  English Comment
 aurl 後 aur aurl ? behind 
 berl 父 ber berl berl father 
 birl 被 bir birl ? passiveE.g: 被動
 boerl 倍 ber, buer boerl buerl multiplicity 
 bourl 部 bour bourl ? ministry 
 byrng 飯 byrng byrng steamed rice 
 cirl 市 cir cirl ? city 
 coer 揣 cer, cuer coer ? to search 
 darlm 淡 darm darlm ? plain, light 
 darlng 重 darng darlng ? heavy 
 darlnk 動 darng darlng ? to move Homophone buster with darlng=heavy.

 dirl 弟 dir dirl ? younger brother Not sure whether homophone buster needed, we will see in the future.
 doec 綴dec, duec doec  ?to follow  
 doul 肚 doul doul ? belly Colloquial variant of dourl. E.g: bakdoul 腹肚. GuangYun has it as Shang tone.
 dourl 肚 dour dourl ? belly Literary variant of doul. E.g: 肚量, 豬肚. GuangYun has it as Shang tone, so this is the reading tone after the Shang-Qu shift.
 duarln 斷 duarn duarln ? to cut Literary variant of dyrlng. E.g: 斷絕.
 dyrl dir dirl, dyrl ? at, in, on Confirmed from multiple sources that Quanzhou has dyrl pronunciation.
 dyrlng 斷 dyrng dyrlng ? to cut Colloquial variant of duarln.
 furl 父 hur hurl hul father 
 furl 婦 hur hurl ? woman 
 gaurl 厚 gaur gaurl ? thick 
 gyrln 近 girn, gurn gurln ? close 
 hair 害 hair hair hair to cause ill 
 huer 會 huer huer huerl meeting Teochew Qu-Shang shift.
 hyrlng 遠 hyrng hyrlng  far 
 hyy 魚 hii hyy ? fish 
 jiarlm 漸 ziarm ziarlm ziarlm gradually 
 lairl 內 lair lairl ? inside 
 lyrlng 兩 nyrng lyrlng ? two See also nyrlng.
 moeh 妹 meh, mueh moeh ? younger sister Colloquial Ru-tone version of moer.
 narl 若 nar narl narl if 
 nghaic 欲---  ---nghaic  to want to,
to wish to
 Teochew only. Equivalent to Taiwanese/Quanzhou voeh.
 nyrlng 卵 nyrng lyrlng ? egg See also lyrlng.
 poerl 被 per, puer poerl ? blanket 
 porl 抱 por porl ? to hug, to hold 
 qour 誤 qour ? ? to mistake 
 qourl 五 qour ? ?five 
 sicgeuc 四界 sicgec, sicguec sicguec ? everywhere 
 sinburl 新婦 sinbur sinburl ? daughter-in-law 
 srna 衫sna? ? clothes Homephone buster with sna=three. Motivated by possible origin of Middle Chinese retroflex via an archaic /r/.
 snuac 散 snuac ? ? to disperse See homophone xnuac=thread.
 voeh 卜,欲veh, vueh  voeh, moeh--- to want to,
to wish to
 Does not exist in Teochew, see nghaic.
 voel 尾vuel, vel  moelvuel tail  
 wir 位 wir wirwir  position 
 wir 為 wir ? ?for 
 xni 星 cni ? ? star Homophone buster with cni=green.
 xnuac 線 snuac ? ? thread Homephone buster with snuac=disperse.
 zairl 在 zair zairl zairl at, in, on 
 zarlm 站 zarm zarlm ? station 
 zeorl 坐zer zoerl  zorl to sit Interdialectal compromise.