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Dnuar'Wnua Wer 大安話


Miln'Naam wer ky. caai peengyiul, vurn dairge Hol!

Qual sir laai zur Gualng'Dang Snel. Liog-Fhong Cir. Dnaur'Wnua dirn. caai Hoglol laang;

Siulsnai. qual sniour gaicsiaur`jid`leq. qual caai gouc'hniou: Dnuar'Wnua.

Dnuar'Wnua. yicsur. sir golng-, hivnour dairge. neeng An'Gi-Log'Yniaa;

Dnuar'Wnua. dirn. doh Liog-Fhong Cir. caai bakbour;
Naamvirn. gah Hoou'Dang, Dang'Hail. siang gaugaic,
bakvirn. gah Liog'Hoou. siang gaugaic,
saivirn. sir qualn caai Voul'Sin Hoou, Lee Hoou;

Dnuar'Wnua. caai laangkaul. ur zab-varn laang, sir Liog'Fhong Cir. gauc Liog'Fhong Gnuair. jekt sna gnuair. caai gautong. yaucdaur;

Dnuar'Wnua. laangmiin. mar sniour kiinkiarm, yar jin hauckeh; Fuisiong huanqeeng gualngduar caai Hokkent, Taaiwaan. caai peengyiul. laai qualn Dnuar'Wnua tcittoo`aq;

Tnia laurlaang golng, qualn caai zoulsnai. sir sna-baeh nii 'jnaai, cioong Ziangziu. Toousaan. jegd duar. bnua laai`caai;

Qual seuc'seuc`aq. siizul, der yit cuc. tnia gauc Miln'Naam wer gua, fuisiaang gniagii`laq; i caai wer caai werkniou. gah qualn Dnuar'Wnua wer. fuisiaang cincniour,  qual tnia eur meengbeg, gyaul sniaa. yilsniour;

Miln'Naam wer gua doh qualn Dnuar'Wnua. fuisiaang siur huanqeeng, doh harng 'toou. harng 'vuel, do tnia eur dioq. Miln'Naam gua. caai gua'snia;

Qual duec Miln'Naam wer. fuisiaang galm henkcyc; Hivnour ur e jid`neq, neeng gah Hokkent. hab Taaiwaan. caai Peengyiul, virn duec virn. laai gauliuu;

Qual zoec jit caai liogyim. caai vagdek. sir wirliaul hab Miln'Naam wer ky. caai beengyiul. vurn gniaa. hiang gauliuu, riarng dairge. liaulgyail`jegdleq`aq. qualn Dnuar'Wnua. caai Hoglol wer.

Zuec'aur, jauc peengyiul. vurn sintil. gernkang, gangzak. surnlir!

What makes Dnuar'Wnua speech interesting is that it is half-way between Ziangziu dialect and the Teochew dialect, therefore, it is probably friendly to both subdialectal groups.

Dnuar'Wnua has some Teochew features, like the usage of words like caai for possessive (instead of Min-Nan's e.) Yet it also has Min-Nan features, like the usage of laang for "person, people" (instead of Teochew's naang.) The Yang-Ping standing tone is low-falling-rising, therefore closer to Min-Nan than Teochew.
The usage of Hoglol instead of Hoqlol seems highly suspicious. I am not sure whether it's an areal feature, or because the speaker never knew the right native pronunciation and was reading it from its Chinese character rendering.
It's interesting to observe the usage of Miln'Naam (pronounced Viln'Laam) instead of Maan'Naam (pronounced Vaan'Laam). This probably reflects the fact that the speaker was influenced by Mandarin, since his pronunciation does not match the vowels nor the tone category used in Southern Min, Teochew, or Cantonese.

Hi, friends from the Min-Nan language areas, I greet you!

I am a Hoklo person from the Da'an 大安 village of Lufeng 陆丰 city in Guangdong province.

First, I would like to introduce to you my hometown: Da'an.

"Da'an" means "wishing everyone to live well and be happy."

Da'an village is located in the northern part of Lufeng. It borders Hedong 河东 and Donghai 东海 to the south. It borders Luhe 陆河 to the north. It borders Mushenhe(?) and Lihe(?) to t he West.

Da'an's population is 100,000, it's at the traffic arteries of the three-county intersection with Lufeng city, Lufeng county.

Da'an's people are very diligent and friendly. I welcome friends from Fujian and Taiwan to come to visit Da'an.

I hear from the elderly that our ancestors relocated here about 300 years ago from the Zhangzhou's 漳州 Tushan (?) area.

When I was little, when I heard Min-Nan language for the first time, I got very surprised. Its accent was very closed to our Da'an language, I could understand more than 90%.

Min-Nan language songs are very popular in Da'an, in every corner one can hear Min-Nan song music.

I am very interested in Min-Nan language. I wish one day I could interact with Fujianese and Taiwanese friends, face to face.

My purpose of making this recording is to interact with friends from the Min-Nan language area, to let them understand our Da'an's Hoklo language.

Finally, I'd like to wish my friends to have a good health, and be successful at work!