Varng Cun Hong 望春風

Duog'Yar. voo pnuarl. jiul deng 'erl,
Ceng'Hong. duic virn. coe;
Zab-cit-beuh hoec. veurl cut'gec,
dyng dioq siaucleen'ge;

Golreen. piaudic, virn. bah beq,
sniah ga laang. zylderl?
Sniurl voeh vyrng`i. gnia pnailsec,
sim'lairl. dnuaa qiibee;

Sniurl voeh Loong'Gun. zoec angsaic,
yi'aic. zairl sim'lairl;
Dalntair hoo'sii. gun. laai cail?
Cengcun. hue. dong kai;

Tnia gnic quarvirn. url laang laai,
kui myyng. ga knuac'mair...
Qoeq'niuu. cioc quln sirl qorng'duar'dai,
hour hong. pent m zai!

Longing for the Spring Breeze

Waiting alone under a lamp,
the spring breeze stroked my cheeks.
In my teen and still alone, 
I ran into a young boy.

So handsome and fair skinned, 
which family did he come from?
I wanted to ask him, but I was too shy,
my heart trembled like pipa strings.

I wished he'd be my dear husband, 
I hid my love in my heart.
Waiting for his coming back to pick 
this young flower blooming full.

Hearing someone came outside,
I opened the door to take a look.
The moon laughed at me for being a fool... 
I was tricked by the breeze!