sna snia voonair 三聲無奈

Jid sii. tam dioq agun`a. suil,
cizeeng vagjiu. gek vui'vui;
Wir gun`a. gel aic. laai jiaqkui,
hair quln vagsail. sic'naam suui;

Rir gni. goec liaul. qoeq. ciaa sai,
sniurl quln. nal eurl miar. jiah vail;
Hue. kui. zuan varng agun`a. cail,
voo qii hiaauherng. but yenkgai;

Sna snia. voonair, kauc bi'ai,
qoeq'niuu. galm zai quln simlairl;
Sitluaan. siongsim. laau vagsail,
hol hue. bentseeng Sniu'Si'Zai;

Sigh... Sigh... and Sigh...

For a moment I was tempted by his charm,
so I obliged with my passionate eyes.
But I was cheated by his untrue love,
now my tears fall round and about.

Late into the night, moon too headed west,
I kept my mind on my sorrowful life.
This flower bloomed just for my sweetheart,
yet it shouldn't have, my dear!

Sigh... sigh... and sigh, I cried, cried and cried,
Dear Moon, do you know how I feel?
Heartbroken, sad, tears after tears,
Now a nice flower too withered away.