Naam'riin Zeeng, Nyl'riin Sim 男人情女人心

Naam'riin Zeeng, Nyl'riin Sim

M: Zabou laang. e zeeng,
    gamqoarn wir aic. bniac yitseng;
F: Zavoul laang. e sim,
    gamqoarn wir zeeng. laai hiseng;
M: Duic lyl jit dnuar zeeng,
    sirl rul gul. rul genderng;
F: Aic lyl jid liap sim,
    yarl veurl bent'heeng;

M: Voo'nair gimn'yar. hourl. veurl teeng,
    `aq... gimn'yar. hong. jiah lelng;
    Laln e zeeng. yarl m qoarn teeng,
    yarl m qoarn lelng;
F: Funkui laln. e simzeeng,
    sim'tniac. sirl jid deeng'deeng;
    Jit dnuar zeeng. kynk deh sim'gnua 'delng;
MF: Sim'aic`e! (Sim'aic`e!)
       Jit dnuar zeeng. kynk deh sim'gnua 'delng;

Man's Love, Woman's Heart

M: A man's love,
    he's willing to work a lifetime for love.
F: A woman's heart,
    she's willing to sacrifice for love.
M: My feelings for you,
    will only get stronger as time goes by.
F: My heart for you,
    too won't ever change.

M: Helplessly tonight's rain won't stop,
     ahh... tonight's wind is so cold.
     Our love neither will stop,
     nor will it get cold.
F: The sadness of separation,
     it hurts time and again.
     I shall keep our love in my heart.
MF: My dear love! (My dear love!)
       Let's keep our love in our hearts.