Mulan Movie 花木蘭 (卡通片)

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Translation (from Youtube, by huangguniang, slightly modified)

Mulan: This is the story of the first day I went to Berkley for my English class...
Mushu: Chun-Giao, get up! It's time for the class! Hurry, hurry!
Mulan (as Chun-Giao): Ahhhh, so cold! I love to sleep!
Mushu: Hurry up and eat. After eating, go to school.
Mulan: This is delicious. Mmm... rice is R-I-C-E.
Rooster: Cook-a-di-la-doo!
Mulan: Ah! I'm going to be late!
Maid: Madam, your daughter will come soon. Gee, I'm hungry.
Mother: Yeah... I want to eat steamed meatball, but I don't have money...
Grandma: What? You don't have money? Ai-yo... She doesn't know that we have steamed meatball at home. Don't tell her.
Mulan: Mother, here I am.
Mother: Where's the steamed meatball?
Mulan: Grandma ate it all.
Grandma: Did I?
Matchmaker: Chun-Giao!
Mulan: Yes!
Matchmaker: Oh, how come she's so ugly?
Grandma: That damn old monkey!
Matchmaker: Hello, my name is Alice. Do you have boyfriends? This cricket deserves a beating.
Mulan: Hey, stop disturbing! Hey, hey!
Matchmaker: Say your ABC's to me.
Matchmaker: You are clever (she says it with a rather scathing tone). Come. Tell me, what is this?
Mulan: This is...
Matchmaker: Is this coffee, or tea? 
Cricket: Mmm, I feel so good!
Mulan: Wait a minute! You can't drink it!
Matchmaker: Ay, you be quiet!
Mulan: Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me, I want to drink it too!
Matchmaker: No you can't! You mad woman! My butt! My butt! My butt!
Matchmaker: My butt hurts!
Grandma: Sounds like a great fun!
Matchmaker: My butt!
Mulan: I know what this is! This is... tea. Take care. 
Cricket: Ha ha ha, this is great fun!
Matchmaker: This girl is so tactless. Don't let me see her face again! Hurry up and go! She will definitely not find a job in the future.
Mulan: Alice is so handsome...

Mulan: Je. sirl qual kyc Berkeley siorlng Engvuun koc. der yit gang. e goucsur;
Mushu: Cun'Giau, kil`laai`ouq! Voeh kyc siorlng koc`aq! Giln`eq, giln`eq!
Mulan: Qual jiok lelng`eq! Qual siorlng aic kunt`aq...
Mushu: Giln. laai jiaq byrng; Jiaq bal. kyc siorlng koc;
Mulan: Mmm... jin hol jiaq; Mmm... RICE sirl-... R-I-C-E...
Rooster: Gu-ga-di-louq-dul!
Mulan: `Aq, qual voeh dyydoc`aq!
Maid: Taic'taic, lyl e zavoul qint'al. daln`jit`e. laai; Jin yaulsiur, qual bakdoul. yau`aq;
Mother: Hneh`aq, qual marl jiok sniurl voeh jiaq vah'oaan, darlnsirl voo znii;
Grandma: Alnznuah? Lyl voo znii? Ai`youq, jin koulleen... Qint'al! I m zaiynial quln dau. url vah'oaan; Maic gar i golng!
Mulan: Avul, qual gauc`aq;
Mother: Ah vah'oaan`leq?
Mulan: Amal. jiaq waan`aq...
Grandma: Qual nah url?
Matchmaker: Cun'Giau!
Mulan: Youh!
Matchmaker: Ai`yoq, nah eurl jiah vail?
Mulan: Ayhh!
Grandma: Hit e sil laurl gaau!
Matchmaker: Lyl hol; Qual e miaa. sirl Alice, lyl galm url naam beengyul?
Mulan: Eh-, eh-, eh-! Maic goh luarn`aq; Eh-, eh-, eh-, ah-, eh-!
Matchmaker: Ah golng lyl e ABC. hour qual tnia...
Mulan: A-B-C-D-E-F-G, H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U-V, W-X-Y-Z...
Matchmaker: Hmmm... synk lyl kiaul; Goec`laai!
Matchmaker: Gar qual golng, jit le. sirl sniahmiq?  
Mulan: Jit le. sirl-....
Matchmaker: Sirl gabi, yarl sirl dee?
Cricket: Jin solng`aq!
Mulan: Daln`jit`e, veurlsail lilm...
Matchmaker: Ehh? Lyl gar qual diarm'diarm!
Matchmaker: Ahh...
Mulan: Hour qual! Hour qual! Qual marl voeh lilm!
Matchmaker: Veurlsail`aq! AAAHHH! Lyl jit e siaul zavoul! 
Matchmaker: AAAHHH! Qual e kacyng! Qual e kacyng! Qual e kacyng! 
Matchmaker: AAAHHH! Qual e kacyng jiok tniac`eq! AAAHHH!
Mulan: Knuac`killaai. jiok hol sylng`eq, `haq`haq`haq!
Matchmaker: AAAHHH! Qual e kacyng!
Mulan: Qual zaiynial je. sirl sniahmiq`aq! Je. sirl dee; Bol'Diorlng!
Cricket: Hah hah, jin hol sylng!
Matchmaker: Lyl e zavoul qint'al. jiok beqvag; Maic goh hour qual knuac dioq i e virn! Giln zaul! Jionglaai. i yitderng voo taaulour. jiaq! Hnh!
Mulan: Alice jiok yeendaau`eq;