Lolng sirl wir dioq lyl laq 攏是為著你啦

Lolng sirl wir dioq lyl`laq.

Voo laang cincniurl qual,
jiah'niq nylng simgnua;
Lyl voeh liikui qual,
vagsail laau veurl suah;
M sirl qual jid sii. sniurl veurl kui,
m sirl lyl duic qual voo zeengqir,
jil sirl-... sim siongbi;

Duic lyl. e sim,
zolng marl sirl yelng'oaln. voo bentguac;
Duic lyl. e zeeng,
yelng'oaln. sirl kynk deh simgnua;
Suireeen gou'dnua,
qual marl sirl gamqoarn siurl tuavuaa;
lolng sirl wir dioq lyl`laq!

All Just For You

No one is like me,
so softhearted.
You wanted to leave me,
my tears ran non-stop.
It's not that I couldn't understand,
it's not that you haven't treated me nicely,
it's just... my heart was sad.

My heart for you,
after all, will never change.
My feelings for you,
I will always keep them inside my heart.
Although I will be lonely,
I am still willing to bear it all.
I will stay without company,
all just for you.