Kadaqcia 腳踏車


Seq'laai-seq'kyc. kiaa quln e kadaqcia,
dalntair lyl harl koc;
buee lyl muil gang. zoecdirn. gniaa;
Kin'kin. sim'lairl wer,
pnuarl dioq cia'leln. kadaq snia,
quln e hivarng. lolng giac dyrl hia;

Ciur 'delng. e jiaul'al. butsii laai tau tnia,
tnia laln daam luaan'aic,
kuaic'log yok'huer. e sim'zniaa;
Quln e suunzeeng varng,
wir lyl muil gang. kynk dyrl jia,
hnua'hnua-hil'hil. buee lyl zoecdirn. gniaa;

Seq`aq. seq`aq-seq,
seq dioq laln e aic,
daq`yaq. daq`yaq-daq,
daq dioq cengcun. gah giitair;
Dnivid. e zyvir,
cam dioq laln e aic,
quln eurl yelng'oaln. kynk zairl sim 'lairl;


Turning and turning, I ride my bicycle,
to wait for you after school,
to walk you home every day.
Gentle words from my heart,
go along with the sound of bicycle,
all my hopes are kept there.

Birds on the tree top spy on us now and then,
to listen to our romance,
our happiness for going out on a date.
My innocent dreams,
are kept here for you every day,
so happy to walk together with you.

Turning and turning,
turning around our love,
pedaling and pedaling,
pedaling on our youth and expectation.
Sweet feelings,
mixed with our love,
I will always keep them inside my heart.