Jin sim jil aic lyl 真心只愛你


Jin Sim. Jil Aic Lyl.

F: Url yeen. voo furn. aic dioq lyl, gynsuii lyl sin 'bni;
M: Lyl siurl wilkut, duic but kil lyl, gimnseng. boul veurl dnir;
MF: Galm sirl tni'yic, galm sirl beuh'zrir, yeenfurn. jiong laln bag zoec dui?

F: Jid guc yokderng, url sniah yicqir? Jin sim. jil aic lyl;
M: Jid dniu ciamzrir, dairbiaul sniahmiq? Jin sim. jil aic lyl;
MF: Voo'lurn sniah laang. laai zoulzil, yelng'oaln. fun veurl kui;

Love You With My Heart
F: Felt in love with you though I shouldn't have, I'll be by your side.
M: I am sorry to cause your sorrow, won't be able to make up to you in this life.
F: Was it fate? Was it oracle? Destiny brought us together.

F: What's a vow anyway? I love you with my heart.
M: What's a piece of paper anyway? I love you with my heart.
MF: Nobody will stop us, we will never be apart.

Song originally in Japanese: 星影のワルツ, sung by 千昌夫.