Jiam-Snuyac Zeeng 針線情

Jiam-Snuyac Zeeng

Lyl sirl jiam, qual sirl snuyac,
jiam-snuyac. yelng'oaln. liaam sio wal;
Laang golng boul'srna, jiam jiam. yarl dioq snuyac,
wirhoo. bank quln deh gou'dnua?

Ahh-, lyl-qual. buln sirl garng poerl'dnua;
znualyniur. laai tiah snuac?
Url jiam. voo snuyac, quln sirl voeh alnznual?
Syliarm simzeeng. voo deuc knuac!

Needle and Thread

You are the needle, I am the thread,
needle and thread always cling to each other.
They say to mend clothes, every stitch needs the thread,
so why am I left all alone?

Ahh, you and me, we were meant to belong in the same blanket,
why were we separated?
Now there is only needle with no thread, what shall I do?
This missing feeling is nowhere to be seen!