Hail'hail Riinseng 海海人生

Hail'hail Riinseng

Laang golng je. simzeeng. hamp'hamp... Hamp'hamp. kah kuicwaq;
M tang taic yimdiim... Sniurl dio eurl gnia;
Url laang jin goulyic, dniar'dniar marlsirl url laang bentguac,
Je. riinzeeng. znuah'yniur. jiah knuac eurl puah?

Laang golng je. riinseng. hail'hail... Hail'hail lour. hol gniaa;
M tang oad'taau varng... Varng dio eurl maang;
Url laang aic dioq quln, pen'pen quln aic`e. sirl badlaang,
Je. Zeeng'Zec. znuah'yniur gecgauc su'yniaa?

Kin'kin-sang'sang, riinseng. lour'doou... quln laai gniaa;
Voo laang sirl yenkgai yelng'oaln. gou'dnua;
Quln eurl hnual'hil url yeen lyl zoec'pnuarl,
Voeh liikui, cioc'cioc. quln voo cenguac;

Plain Life

They say feeling is silly, silly makes life easier.
Don't be too sad, that thought would frighten me.
Some people are sincere, but others would often change.
How can we let go our emotions?

They say life is plain, plain road is good for traveling.
Don't look back, looking back would make you head spin.
Someone loves me, yet he whom I love is another.
In love, how to say someone wins, or loses?

Taking it easy, I walk onto life's path.
Nobody should stay lonely forever.
I'll be happy when fate brings you to me.
But when we must part, I'll smile and won't grieve.