Gim bau qyyn 金包銀

Gim bau qyyn

Badlaang`a. e snicmiar, sirl kong gim. goh bau qyyn;
Quln e snicmiar. m dad znii;
Badlaang`a. narl kui cuic, sirl Gim'Qeen-Qiog'Qyl;
Quln narl sirl ge golng wer, liaammiq. doq cut dairjic;

Guaic quln e loq'toou 'sii, dul dioq pnail beuh'zrir;
Laang sirl holmiar gnial, quln dyrl'leh zoec hniadirl;
Tang 'quar. e yal'jiaul. tec quln tii;
Riin'Zair-Gang'Oou, Sin'But-Yuu'Gil;

Suireen. sirl zoec hniadirl, ruersim. yarl jin hivii;
Sio jiul. pou quln. dour ridjil;
Goeckyc`aq. e olngsyr, m gnal tee 'kil;
Sniurl voeh oadtaau gniaa, znualyniur. eurl voo yolngkic?


Gold-Wrapped Silver 

Other people's lives, are wrapped with gold and silver.
And my life? It's not worth a thing.
When other people talk, it's all fancy tales,
but when I open my mouth, troubles come my way.

Blame it on the oracle, I was born at the wrong hour.
They are the lucky ones, I am just a friend.
Outside the window, a wild bird crys for me.
Living my earthly life, I can't change a thing.

Although I am a friend of theirs, inside I am at a loss.
Daily drinks get me by.
Stories of my past, I dare not to tell,
I wish to turn back... yet where's my courage gone?