Cou'Luaan 初戀


Goh kah huaailiarm. yarl sirl lyl jid laang,
yinwir lyl sirl qual e Cou'Luaan;
Meeng zai gimn'seng. zoec'hoel. voo hivarng,
yarl m gam jiong lyl bank...
Jil'yauc lyl hernfhok,
jil'yauc lyl kuaic'log,
qual voo oant'tant...
Jil hyrn miar'wurn. conkdirl laang!
Sirl qual hanmarn,
sirl qual hanmarn!
`Aaaaq... `aaaaq...
Jiah dioq beq'beq laai hiseng jit dniuu Luaan'Marng!

First Love
No matter how I miss, you are still the one,
because you are my first love.
Even though I know in this life, we have no hope to be together,
yet I don't want to let you go...
As long as you are happy,
as long as you are joyful,
I have no regrets...
I only hate how fate tortures people!
It's my own fault,
it's my own fault!
Ahhh... ahhh...
For sacrificing this love's dream in vain!