Ciazarlm 車站


Hoelcia. yilgeng gauc ciazarm,
quln e simtaau. jiarm'jiarm darng;
Knuac laang. hnuahil laai jiap cinlaang,
quln sir siongsim. laai sio sank;

Voo'zeeng. e lalbah sniayim. snia'snia. daan...
Qoaddaai 'bni, Yi'Yi-Naan'Siap, sim. soul'aic. e laang...

Hoelcia. yilgeng goec ciazarm,
quln e vagkou. yilgeng aang;
Ciatang 'lair. sim'aic. e laang,
jil ur giitairc Yar'Yar marnk;

Train Station

The train has arrived to the station,
my heart got heavier and heavier.
I saw others happily coming to meet their loved ones,
but I was saddened to bid farewell.

Heartless train horn sounded again and again,
on the platform, I didn't want to let go, the one whom I loved.

The train has already left the station,
my eyes were already red.
Behind the train windows was the one whom loved,
whom I could only hope to see in every night's dream.