Aic'riin. Dohwirc. Kyc. 愛人叼位去

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Aic'riin. Dohwirc. Kyc.

Lelng gi'gi. e dangtni;
Tang 'quarc. e hoyurzuil. loq veur lirc;
Ciul. paang jid bue jiul,
lilm dio voo-zy voo-virc,
yinwirc lyl voo dyr quln sin 'bni;


Bak hong. zurnt'zurnt coe kil;
Laln funkui. yilgeng ur jid nii;
Bank qual jid e laang,
gou'dnua. Rid'Yarc. sniusy;
Aic'riin`aq. daucdeul. dohwirc. kyc?

Lyl nar zuunsim. duic qual kipent,
dongcou. hoobit gioc qual daln`lyl?
Yiurc hoobit duic tni. jiuczuarc-,
voo qual. lyl eur sil?
Qual e sim. yilgeng cuic...
Jil ur jioh jiul. vaazuic,
dourc goec siohvog. ampmii;
(repeat paragraph)

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(*) siohvog 寂寞: correct pronunciation should be zikvog, but siohvog is so widespread that it is becoming some sort of a new standard.

My Love, Where Did You Go?

In this cold winter,
outside the window, the rain falls non-stop.
Holding a glass of drink in my hand,
I can't find its taste,
cause you are no longer by my side.


North wind blows time and again.
We've been apart already a year.
You left me alone,
lonely missing you day and night.
My love, where did you go?

If you always wanted to cheat on me,
why did you need to tell me to wait for you, then?
Why did you have to swear upon the sky,
that without me you would die?
My heart is already broken...
I can only find numbness from a drink,
to bear it through lonely nights.
(repeat paragraph)

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