Aic lyl voo diaaugniar 愛你無條件

Aic Lyl. Voo Diaaugniar

Aic lyl. voo diaaugniar,
aic qual. yeornk simgnua;
M gualn badlaang. alnznuah golng,
siongsint qual aic. e laang. veur bentguac;

Aiczeeng. voo diaaugniar,
yeenfurnt. zoaan knuac puac;
Wirc lyl hiseng jiah'nir duarc,
galm golng lyl aic qual kyc sil. jiah zai tniac?

`Aq... qual m gam, qual m gam, 
qual m gam aic lyl aic gah jiong lyl sank badlaang;
Yeenfurnt. yah veur waan, oant'hyrnt. yilgeng mualn;
San'Meeng-Hail'Sec. qoaanlaai. sir jid dniuu marnk!

`Aq... qual m gam, qual m gam, 
qual m gam dit veur dioq lyl.
qual mar m qoarnt bank;
Ur lyl. sir oanttant,
voo lyl. sir ou'amp;
Nal gam vagjiu. gim'gim.
knuac lyl kyc aic badlaang?


Aic lyl. voo diaaugniar,
hyrnt. mar voo diaaugniar;
M gualn badlaang. alnznuah knuac,
qual yilgeng goatdernk buee lyl gauc yelng'oaln!

Love you without conditions

Love you without conditions,
love me with your heart.
No matter what others say,
I trust my truelove will not change.

Love is without conditions,
Our days together? I hold no hope.
I made so many sacrifices for you,
will you only know the pain when I am no more?

Sigh... I will not, I will not,
I will not love you so just to give you away to another.
Our days together are not yet gone, but our hate is already full.
Our promises are nothing but an illusion! 

Sigh... I will not, I will not,
I will not be able to have you,
yet I don't want to let you go, either.
With you there are blames ,
without you there is darkness.
I don't want to let my eyes
see you love another.


Love is without conditions,
hate is also without conditions.
No matter what others think,
I have decided to stay by your side, forever!